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About Us

The Press-Republican is a daily newspaper printed in Plattsburgh serving Clinton, Essex and Franklin counties in the northeastern corner of New York State. How far northeastern is evidenced by the fact that Plattsburgh is 16 miles from the U.S.-Canadian border and only 60 miles south of Montreal.

The Press-Republican carries a rich history spanning over two hundred years.

The Plattsburgh Republican began printing on April 12, 1811. It was a weekly publication until 1916 then the paper changed it's name to the Plattsburgh Daily Republican and printed a daily edition. Of course holidays and Sundays were the exception.

On August 16, 1894 the Plattsburgh Daily Press also began printing a daily publication. The paper was "Printed at Plattsburgh N.Y. Every Day Except Sunday."  For the next forty-eight years the Plattsburgh Daily Press and the Plattsburgh Republican were the major newspapers for residents of the North Country.

On October 5, 1942 the Plattsburgh Daily Republican printed its last newspaper as the Daily Press and the Daily Republican merged to form the Plattsburgh Press-Republican. On October 5, 1942 the Plattsburgh Daily Press reported about the merger that "The Plattsburgh Daily Republican has been the Democratic paper of the county and the Plattsburgh Daily Press has been the Republican organ. The interests of both parties will be served in the new publication."  The Press-Republican began printing on October 6, 1942 featuring a mixed headline with the St. Louis Cardinals winning the World Series and Nazis moving Northwest of Stalingrad.

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